Company Profile

Sharanam Infraproject And Trading Limited was originally incorporated in the name of Skyhigh Projects Limited on February 5, 1992. The name of the Company was changed to Sharanam Infraproject And Trading Limited on 29th July, 2015.

The initial object of the Company is to set up facilities for manufacture of wrist watch cases.

To Engage in the business of real estate and in particular purchase and sale of land and or building and owning and buying selling hiring letting, sub–letting, maintaining allotting, transferring allotment, administering, exchanging mortgaging, accepting lease, tenancy or sub tenancy and constructing, reconstructing, extending, altering or demolishing building or demolishing building or tenements, block, flats, shops, godowns, materials incidental to construction, repair, overhaul or maintenance of land and building to fix and collect rents.

To acquire by purchase, lease, exchange, hire purchase or otherwise land, showrooms, building, and hereditaments of any estate or interest there in any rights over or connected with land either or retain the same for the purpose of the company’s business or turn the same to account as may seem expedient

To take on lease, hire purchase or otherwise acquire any lands, plantations, rights over or connected with lands, and immovable property of any description and any interest, rights or connected be deemed necessary or convenient for the business which the company is authorised to carry on.

To sell improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease mortgage, dispose or turn to account of otherwise deal in all or any part of the property and right of the company.

To develop the resources and turn into account the land building for the time being of the company in such manner as may be deemed fit and in particular by clearing fencing planting of fruit trees, gardening dairy and agriculture farming or otherwise as may be considered suitable for the beneficial interest of the company.

To construct, purchase, acquire, develop and take from time restaurants, bars, liquor vends, bonded, warehouses, wholesale and retail vends of foreign liquor, cafeterias, milk bars bakeries, shops, catering Establishment, Holiday homes, departmental store, Emporia tourist bungalows, Hotels, huts, motels guest house, Entertainment, projects and other places of tourist, archaeological of boarding, lodging, stay comfort and entertainment, projects and other places of tourist, archaeological of boarding, lodging, stay comfort and entertainment of tourists and run, maintain, manage and administer them, subject to licences from the appropriate authorities and to provided all or any part of the hotel on rent for hotel or any other business.

To carry on the business of building, contractors, dealers in and constructors of prefabricate and precast houses, building and dealers in materials, tools, implements, machinery and metal were in connection therewith or incidental there to and carry on the any other business that is customarily, usually and conveniently carried on there with and to build, take on lease, purchase or acquire in any manner whatsoever any apartments houses, flats, bungalow raw houses, rooms, hut to other accommodation for residential use

and to let or dispose of the same on any system of instalment payment basis, rent, purchase basis or by outright disposition all or any integral part thereof and to provide long term finance to any person or persons or co-operative society or association of persons or body of individuals either at interest or without and/or with or without any security for construction, purchase, enlarge, or repair of any houses, flats, raw houses, bungalows, rooms, huts used for residential purposes either in total or part thereof to purchases any free hold or leasehold lands, estate or interest in any property to be used for residential purposes.

Present Business

At present, the Company is engaged in the business of supply building materials on retail basis only. The decision making in respect of any business proposal is made by the Managing Director and the Company is in process of identifying and recruiting personnel, specializing in proposal and as on date there is no research facility in the company for business activities.